natural-soapI find adding Fruit Extract to my Soaps makes my soap looks more natural. Mango Fruit Extract add design to my soap making my soap looks more naturally made from Mango. Instead of using synthetic substance to color my soap, I used Fruit Extract to make it colorful.
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You can either dissolve the Fruit Extract with a drop of Isopropyl Alcohol, or sprinkle the Fruit Extract directly to the melted soap. Visit my webstore Natural Soap Making Supplies to learn more.
Making your own soap at home is easy, frugal, creative and fulfilling. There`s something really marvelous about taking a bar of your own homemade soap into the bath or shower with you.

Whether you are looking for a more natural alternative to commercial soap, or are just a crafty person looking for a new creative adventure, making soap is fun, and more than a little addictive!

There are several different methods to making your own soap, and once you understand the basics of how to make soap, you can get started right away.

This overview, and all of the Soap Making pages here on About, will teach you basic techniques of how to make your own homemade soap, guide you step-by-step through some interesting soap projects, and give you the knowledge and resources to start developing your own soapy creations.